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In tennis, a serve that lands in an opposition's service box, but is untouched by the opposition player can be referred to as?

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Answer: Ace
An ace is a situation where the receiver does not touch the ball even though it lands in his/her service box.


Throughout his career, Pete Sampras won a total of 7 Wimbledon titles. Which year did he win his last title in the Wimbledon Championship?

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Answer: 2000
Sampras last Wimbledon title came in 2000 when he beat Pat Rafter in the men's singles final game of the tournament.


Which Country won the Fed Cup consecutively, between 1976 and 1982?

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Answer: USA
The United States set a record in 1982 for being the first nation to lift the Fed Cup for 7 times in a row.


How many U.S. Open titles has ex-tennis player, Jimmy Connors won?

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Answer: 5
All through Jimmy Connors' carrier, he has amazed a total of 5 U.S. Open titles. His last title in the U.S. Open came in 1983 where he defended his title by beating Ivan Lendl in the final game of the competition.


As of the 2016 Olympics, which NBA player has been on the US Olympic basketball team a record number of times?

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Answer: Carmelo Anthony
Serving his country in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016, Carmelo Anthony has played basketball in four different Olympics, with the latter three resulting in gold medals.


The 2008 mixed doubles Wimbledon Championship was won by Leander Paes and which other player?

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Answer: Martina Hingis
Indian international, Leander Paes partnered Martina Hingis of Switzerland to defeat the duo of Alexander Peya and Timea Babos in the final of 2008 Wimbledon Championship.

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