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What is the chemical symbol for table salt?

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Answer: NaCl
Sodium chloride (also known as salt or halite), is an ionic compound representing a 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions.


What is the median Erdős number of Fields Medalists?

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Answer: 3
Of course, as time passes, the smallest Erdős number that can still be achieved will necessarily increase, as mathematicians with low Erdős numbers die and become unavailable for collaboration.


What planet in our solar system has the longest day?

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Answer: Venus
One day on Venus is equal to 116 days on Earth. That is equal to 2784 hours or 167040 minutes. The surface temperature of Venus is 462 °C which is equal to 863.6°F.


What is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors (excluding the number itself) called?

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Answer: A perfect number.
You might also think of a perfect number as a number that is half the sum of all of its positive divisors, including itself! This definition is at least 2300 years old as it appears in Euclid's "Elements".

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