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Learning is more fun when you don’t realize you’re being taught. That is the philosophy behind our Science Trivia. On one hand you’re testing your knowledge base in a completely stress-free environment, and on the other you could walk away with a better understanding of the subjects discussed. Wait - you’re already a master of science? Well that pleases us also. TriviaQN is all about presenting trivia that can enjoyed by participants on all levels!


What was the first electronic computer called?

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Answer: ENIAC
ENIAC was the first electronic computer made. It was so large it filled a whole room and was used to solve large numerical equations.


Diamonds are made up almost entirely of what element?

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Answer: Carbon
Scientists speculate that diamonds originated from carbon dioxide atoms 100 miles below the Earth's surface more than a billion years ago.


Which planet has the most moons?

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Answer: Jupiter
Jupiter has at least 67 known moons currently, and is the 5th planet from the Sun.

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