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Learning is more fun when you don’t realize you’re being taught. That is the philosophy behind our Science Trivia. On one hand you’re testing your knowledge base in a completely stress-free environment, and on the other you could walk away with a better understanding of the subjects discussed. Wait - you’re already a master of science? Well that pleases us also. TriviaQN is all about presenting trivia that can enjoyed by participants on all levels!


What is the sum of the angles of a triangle?

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Answer: 180 degrees
More information: The angles of a triangle always sum to 180 degrees.


What natural phenomena are measured by the Richter scale?

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Answer: Earthquakes
More information: The Richter scale measures the size of Earthquakes. The formula, mb = log10(A/T) + Q(D,h), is used. The Richter scale ranges from 1-10. The highest recorded Earthquake was on May 22, 1960 in Southern Chile. The richter scale of this Earthquake was a 9.5.


The Earth's air is composed of about what percentage of CO2?

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Answer: 0.04%
More information: The CO2 levels have risen about 40% since the industrial revolution. As of March 2011, the CO2 level was about 0.04%.


What Erdős number does Pierre-Simon Laplace have?

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Answer: Pierre-Simon Laplace has an Erdős number of at most 14!
More information: According to "The Erdös number project" a path to Laplace was found by Leonid Yanushevich giving the famous mathematician an Erdös number of at most 14.

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