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Test your knowledge of the Earth’s political and physical boundaries by taking our Geography Trivia. This questionnaire is designed to appeal to both master and novice geographers. That is to say, students and geographers of all levels will find our quizzes both challenging and fun and in the process edify their knowledge of the world’s geography.

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What is the main dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong by the majority of the locals?

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Answer: Cantonese
Foreigners have a hard time learning the Cantonese dialect. Mandarin is easier to learn for non-natives. About 62 million people speak Cantonese.


What is the largest lake in Africa?

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Answer: Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria is 26,564 mi² in size and rests between the countries Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


Lake Tahoe is between the borders of which two U.S. states?

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Answer: California & Nevada
Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is best known for its beaches and ski resorts.


Which Spanish festival is featured in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises?

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Answer: San Fermin - The annual fiesta takes place in Pamplona, Spain from July 6 to July 14.

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