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Ready for Christmas? Bring your Christmas spirit to the table with Christmas trivia! Everyone knows the classic Christmas songs and movies, now you can put your skills to the test.

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What bird did the singer's true love give him on the seventh day of Christmas?

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Answer: Swans
On the seventh day he received "7 swans a-swimming".


Which band holds the record for most number-one Christmas singles in the UK?

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Answer: The Beatles
The Beatles have been in possession of this record since the 1960's, where they had four number-one Christmas jingles.


What country possessed the most-expensive Christmas tree ever?

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Answer: United Arab Emirates
In 2010, the United Arab Emirates had a Christmas tree that, with decorations, cost over $11 million.


Which holiday comes about a week after Christmas?

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Answer: New Year's Day
New Year's Day, held on January 1st, is a week after Christmas.


What does the color red symbolize in relation to traditional Christmas color?

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Answer: The blood of Jesus
Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, shed during his crucifixion.


What is the largest Christmas gift in the history of the world?

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Answer: The Statue of Liberty
France gave the United States the Statue of Liberty on Christmas Day in 1886.


Which country is the leading exporter of Christmas trees?

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Answer: Canada
Canada (Nova Scotia in particular) is the leading exporter of Christmas trees.

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