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Which U.S. capital cities have rhyming names?

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Answer: Austin and Boston - They are the capitals of Texas and Massachusetts, respectively.


What term is used in describing a situation where a golfer scores 8 on a hole?

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Answer: Snowman
More information: Snowman is a term that is used in the game of golf to describe a circumstance where a golf player scores an 8 on a hole. It is a term not many golfers want to be linked with.


Which singer ripped up a photograph of the Pope on international television?

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Answer: Sinead O'Connor
More information: While appearing on sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live in October of 1992, Sinead O'Connor made international headlines after ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II and other actions to disgrace the global figure.


Jim Cramer is the star of which American television program?

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Answer: Mad Money
More information: Jim Cramer is actually a Wall Street money manager, and on CNBC's "Mad Money" he advises viewers on how to invest in the stock market.


A task that has zero chance of success is known as what?

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Answer: Fool's Errand
More information: A fool's errand is a common April Fool's Day prank, such as sending a person to search for something that doesn't exist.


What is the name of Lot's uncle?

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Answer: Abraham
More information: Abraham was Lot's uncle.

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Where Trivia Comes From

Trivia, the word, comes from the Latin word trivialis. The modern usage of the word is fairly recent, and is the noun form of the word trivial. Trivia, by definition, means small factors or tidbits of information that are usually useless (or trivial) in nature.

Trivia or Fact

The difference between trivia and facts is quite trivial. Generally, trivia is considered to be a type of fact. Facts are statements of truth that can regard any number of broad or specific categories. Trivia, though, is usually considered to be more useless tidbits or facts that you don't really need to know.

So wait, trivia isn't always a question? Not necessarily. Trivia questions are a form of trivia that come in the form of questions, much like a quiz. Trivia questions are much more fun than just reading factoids. It gives the reader a chance to test their knowledge of useless facts, sometimes with a range of multiple choice options.

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